The beauty of china

As I get ready for a few upcoming tea events I have been checking out my china plates, cups and saucers. Each one is so lovely and though each one is different they all feel wonderful to touch. I have been polishing silver and matching up cups and saucers. This is often necessary as each event I end up losing one or two pieces. Many of these broken pieces are through no fault of anyone but simply the age and the delicate nature of some. I have had tea cups break upon pouring hot tea into them. Many are due to my own fault such as the shelf of holiday tea pots I knocked down last season. It is a little like losing an old friend when this happens. I have many special ones that do not travel and even some that are only to look at, but I love them all.
It is fun to see the many different designs.

My Valentine Tree

Here is the valentine tree, something to replace the dullness after the Christmas tree comes down. I keep a tree in the tea room most of the year and decorate it according to whim or holiday. Mr. Cupid sits at the top of the tree protecting those who enter. There are assorted cute ornaments such as hats and shoes.

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