Why Tea?

Why tea? Tea us usually one of our earlier memories from childhood. Tea was often served when we were not feeling well, we would hold tea parties with our dolls, stuffed animals, cats or dogs or even better an adult to spend time with. If there was good news to share tea was usually served and if there was bad news the kettle would be heard whistling. Tea invokes memories of feelings from our past. I actually think our early ancestors would discuss the world problems over tea that was boiled over a fire as the history of tea dates back to before 2700BC.
Tea is usually a more calming beverage than coffee. Whether one uses a tea bag or loose leaves there needs to be steeping time. This evokes a calmness that coffee just can't top. Tea was carried around the world and convenient as leaves or when it was dried into cakes that one would break off and boil.
Very close to where I live the Boston Tea Party was fought and was blamed for the American Revolution. Shortly after the United States declared independence from England. Coffee lovers are very loyal but never have fought a war over their beverage.
My beginnings were thanks to an Irish grandmother who also collected lovely china tea cups and saucers. She shared with me her love of cooking and entertaining and I thank her for that.

We are up and running

Today is the launch of the new and improved Tea & Trinkets website and blog. Thanks to my daughter Melanie, her creativity, talent and patience we are here. Feel free to send ideas, comments and topics to me and I will try and keep this fresh and exciting.

Launching the Tea and Trinkets Blog

I am getting ready to launch the blog and thought I should put my plans down. I hope to be adding to this often (at least weekly) with a variety of topics. I am also open to questions regarding tea and tea events. I will share thoughts, events, recipes (some, not all) and generally try to educate the blogger world to the delights of tea. Valerie

Tea and Trinkets Blog

My daughter made this blog for my birthday in October and I stalled on the plan. I decided that my New Years Resolution was to learn how to use it. Visit our tearoom and enjoy a cup of tea. Please bear with me as I learn to use this new and exciting tool. I hope to talk of tea topics, share recipes and ideas and perhaps a few crafts also. Valerie